Luke Tang Memorial Foundation

Luke Tang Memorial Foundation (the Foundation) is a non-profit charitable organization, which is set up in memory of Luke Tang, who in his short life of 19 years had made significant impacts on so many lives of his friends and family members with his passion, care and love.

This charitable foundation is based on donations and efforts of those who love Luke.

Most students who suffer from depression and other psychiatric disorders are in denial, and think that they do not need treatment. Some just do not recognize the signs and symptoms of depression and other psychiatric disorders. The Asian American community is particularly vulnerable due to its tradition of treating psychiatric illness and treatment as taboo.

The mission of the Foundation is to prevent future tragic events among students with psychiatric disorders (with major focus on depression), especially in the Asian American community.

Currently, the Foundation is still small and in its infancy stage. The practical way is to promote awareness of psychiatric disorders, especially depression, in order for early diagnosis and treatment.  

NOCBC Luke Tang Memorial Fund 3413 Continental Dr, Kenner, LA 70065
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